Residential Complex "GURIEV"
Completion of the residential complex in December 2023
Unique offer! You can book flats with functional layouts in the residential complex GURIEV with a down payment of 30%. Accordingly, the remaining amount can be paid in instalments or mortgage, after commissioning.
The residential complex "GURIEV" is located along Abylkhair Khan Avenue. Due to its convenient location, it provides quick access to major road junctions in any route of the city.
What's nearby?
"Atyrau" Airport, Abylkhair Khan Avenue 22
NIS, microdistrict Nursaya street 11

"Yarmarka Retail" Supermarket, Gabdeeva R. street
LIBRARY NAMED BY G. SLANOV, Abylkhair Khan Avenue 52
Facade cladding materials
- Frame-monolithic reinforced concrete

- "Wood style" fibre cement panels

- Aluminium stained glass

- Travertine

- Children's playgrounds, sports and recreational areas are provided on the landscaped territory with multi-elevation landscape.

- The adjacent territory will be designed in accordance with the concept of a comfortable and safe living and recreation environment, the main task of which is to provide residents with a variety of opportunities for leisure activities on the territory at any time of the year.
Well landscaped yard
Flats and layouts
- Free layouts

- Smooth floor screed

- Durability and noise insulation

- Building maintenance from the developer
2 room flat
89,09 sq.m
1 room flat
55,05 sq.m.
1 room flat
55,05 sq.m.
1 room flat
55,05 sq.m.
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2 room flat
84,35 sq.m
Detailed presentation with layouts
Choose the right layout and see the builder information in the presentation.